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We would love to DWELL at your next event and see coffee everywhere

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When should I book? As soon as possible. We’re busy.


Do you require a deposit? A deposit is required for events of $3k or more.


What’s your cancellation policy? Events $2k or less - written cancellation notice is required ten days prior to the event. Events $2-5k - written cancellation notice is required two weeks prior to the event. Events $5k + written cancellation notice is required three weeks prior to the event.

What do I get when I book you? We provide everything to make your event happen. The only requirement is power. If power is not available, we can rent a generator for an additional cost. 


Speaking of power. What are your requirements? 2 x 20-amp dedicated circuits (standard 110v outlets).

What is your service area? We travel 50 miles from Aliso Viejo CA without an additional cost and ask for a bit extra (gas is expensive!) if we need to go farther within Southern California.

How much space do you need? roughly 6’ x 4’ working area. 

How long does it take you to set up and break down? Depends on the event. For big-production all-day events, we prefer to install the day before; for everything else, we generally ask for 1 hour to set up and 30 min to pack up. 

What kind of branding do you offer? We offer branded custom cups (21-day turnaround) at the moment.


Do you offer food? Not available at the moment.

Can you work without your bars if I provide a rented bar, counter, etc? No. Our bars are a piece of equipment on their own and we can’t make the event happen without them. 

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