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Dwellers was born out of a dream. A dream that most of us have. To Dwell with the ones we love and have formed friendships with over the years. We found that many times those gatherings happened around coffee. Early in the morning with our families or meeting at a local coffee spot just to hang out with our friends to see each other and catch up. We acknowledge the power that coffee has to not only bring people together but to bring us to the same level (to a certain point) with different people from around the community and cultures. We think that at the same time we have an iced oat vanilla latte here in California, someone on the other side of the world is having a home roasted, stove boiled black cup of coffee. (I remember my grandma always offering a cup of instant coffee with cinnamon to anyone who came into her house and many late nights talking to her family and friends always over a cup of coffee). We know that we are not the ones creating communities or gatherings but we want to facilitate the happening of it. We want to DWELL with you and your friends, we want to bring that cup of coffee that can bring familiarity and commonality to strangers. We want to see COFFEE EVERYWHERE. We want to dwell in your community and with your friends and play a small part at important events happening in your life. 



We want to bring the best experience and best products to you, your family and friends.


We care about the planet and people.

We carry exclusively Organic products, that are good for the body and the environment.

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